You may save and return to your application at any time, using the email address and password that you provide. The application cannot be edited once it has been formally submitted for consideration by the Graduate Program. Please check your application prior to submission.

Before you begin, this is a link to the basic list of requirements to apply for Graduate Studies at The University of Winnipeg. (We suggest turning off your pop-up blocker.)

This is a link to the list of graduate programs we currently offer. You should fill out the application package in accordance with the directions given in the fact sheet from the program in which you are interested.

For detailed information on applicable application fees, please refer to the application fee information page.


Thank you for your interest in the Graduate Studies at The University of Winnipeg!

There are many good reasons for students to choose University of Winnipeg for their graduate studies. We offer diverse programs, courses with award-winning professors, and unique research opportunities. We are distinguished by small class sizes, personalized attention to students, and accessible professors. We aim to help students excel and to ensure that they have a superior student experience.

While the due date for applications for graduate programs is generally February 1, 2022, you are encouraged to check with your particular program to ensure that you meet the program’s due date, which may be earlier or later than the general date.

If you have any difficulties with the online application system, please contact the Graduate Studies Office at:

A helpful Fact Sheet for each graduate program is available at this link